Video and Film Transfers

Transferring films, slides, photos and video tapes to digital are all in a days work at Carpel Video.  We have been transferring film to DVD for 15 years. Many customers want their content transferred to DVD’s and/or USB, enabling them to download movies to their computer,  Facebook or YouTube. Digitizing precious video to a DVD/USB will save it for the next generation. In the 21st century, there are many choices of where to put your home movies. Experienced computer wonks choose the cloud, which is essentially a private computer hard drive on a server managed by a third party, often for free. The drawback is that there nothing tangible to put in the closet photo box. To share videos, it’s YouTube, and photos on Facebook have become the places to show off photos and video. We also provide Super 8, Reg 8 and 16MM film conversion services.  Keep your memories safe and have them available to upload anywhere.

The point is Carpel Video is enabling people to store and view their personal films, photos, slides and videos easily, without hassle or big cost. We’ll transfer and manage as much or as little as you want. Call us for an estimate. Transferring tape to DVD or USB costs as little as $14.25 per hour of  video Now there is no excuse to put off saving your family’s history to DVD/USB.

Costs to Copy  Film and Tape to DVD

Transferring tape and film to DVD or USB is something we have been doing for 35 years. Our prices are approximate due to the variety of film reels, tape formats, lengths, and condition. Once on DVD, copies are relatively cheap.

Please note: since all transfers are unique, please call 301-694-3500 or bring in your tapes, slides, and films for an accurate quote.

Super 8mm and 8mm Film Transfer – $45 for 1st 100 ft, $.23 for each additional foot.

16mm Film Transfer –$.25 per foot.  $50 minimum.

First DVD Copy – $29.95

Each additional DVD – $10 each up to 9 copies,  less for 10 copies or more.

Videotape to DVD  –  Up to 2 hrs @ $25.  Up to 4hrs @ $48.  $14.25 per hour.  DVD up to 2hrs of content $28.  DVD up to 4hrs of content $55
Extra Copies @ $10 each.
All film and video tape transfers can also be uploaded to thumb drive.  Cost for thumb drive is determined by GB needed.  $12-$15

Got Questions?

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