Duplication and Disc Services


Say you want to make a few copies of some important event. The Internet is full of places that want to make thousands of copies. But, you have to send it away. What if you don’t want thousands of copies? What if you only need ten or less, but still want a fair price? Carpel Video’s DVD duplication services will do those small amounts. Just call or email us for a quote. Don’t mis-understand; we can do a great job with the hundreds or thousands of DVD or CD copies, too. But we know the small jobs lead to the large jobs. When you gain people’s trust, they follow you to the ends of the earth. That’s what we want…your trust.

You can forget about the ends of the earth. Say, where is that anyway?

Our CD/ DVD Duplication Services Includes:

Authoring and Encoding – Menus, chaptering, continuous loops, etc.

CD and DVD Duplication – 1 to 500 copies

CD and DVD Replication – quantities over 500

Flash drive and memory card Duplication – The lastest fad in giveaways.

Custom Packaging and Design Support – Simple packaging attached or call us.

What you can expect:

• Your order on time, and to your specifications.

• Excellent, competent sales and customer service

• Personal attention to every project.

• Competitive pricing, high quality, and quick turn times.

• Price quotes in a timely manner.

• Everything you need to submit your order is quickly and easily accessed

by using the downloads on this web site.

We are looking forward to having the opportunity to bid on your next project.


Got Questions?

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