Richmond Video Productions Services

Carpel Video has been providing video services to the area for almost 30 years. We have been in business in the Richmond, VA area since 1980 and as such have run into every type video related request there is. We can research, write the script, storyboard, conduct production meetings, scout locations, shoot, edit and copy anything you can dream up.

Live TV was our training ground. That means we can capture your vision and edit it quickly. Which, in turn, means less cost for you. Let us put our experience, professionalism and cost cutting skills to work on your next project.

The Chinese say, “one picture is worth a thousand words.” In the age of YouTube that has never been more true. You can put a video showcasing your business easily on YouTube or Vimeo, then link it to your web site. Your customers can see what you do, who you are, and why you are better than your competitors.

But how do you create a cool video? How long should it be? What style will enhance your product and appeal to your prospects? This is where our expertise comes in handy!

There are two popular schools of thought regarding video production quality. Have a relative shoot your company with their home camera and maybe edit it with their computer. Cost is practically nothing and “voila”…a five minute video that shows your business.

On the other end of the spectrum is a a professionally-produced high-quality spot which effectively persuades people to try your product using wit, glamour and physical beauty… that’s very expensive. But if it costs so much, why do large successful companies go that route year after year?

Most people are not Anheuser-Busch or General Motors, big with unlimited money. But they still need style to tell their story. Your uncle or your son can make a video transcript, but they haven’t got the training and experience to persuade and showcase your business or your message. Carpel Video has the talent, training and experience to tell your story in an economy of scenes and words…like Japanese Haiku…like poetry. Being in Frederick, we are able to cut so many of the costs that burden those big-city production companies.

We employ our own producer/writer and director/cameraman. We have a tidy little editing facility downtown with free parking. Best of all, we’re very handy at making small budgets work wonders. Let us bid on your video. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. For more information call or email.