About Carpel Video

We dig making you cry. But in a good way.

Our History

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I make people cry.   It’s true.  One of our services at Carpel Video is film-to-DVD-transfers.  We take your old home movies, usually shot by Dad or Grandpa years ago, and convert them to DVD for easy copying and playback.  We have a screening area in our lobby. The customer can screen a few of their tapes before leaving them or check a little bit of the finished DVD.   But as Elvis used to sing, ”…that’s when the heartaches begin.”

The average customer finds these films somewhere in the basement next to a projector that hasn’t worked in years. Often their films haven’t been seen in a generation. Long lost relatives populate these movies. When the DVD starts the customer cries. You should see our Kleenex bill.

I can empathize. I found a ninety-second color film made of my family’s holiday dinner five years before I was born. All these relatives I knew as old folks were young, gay and gorgeous. They were teasing, talking, and dancing. I put the Godfather theme under it. I cried myself when I saw it.

If you have a big family you can amortize the cost of the transfer by making a copy for each of your relatives. You shouldn’t wait until the last minute. For security we do all transfers in Frederick and the work is time-consuming. We never send your films or tapes out.

We also produce video streaming for web sites and instructional/promotional programs for businesses. But the transfers touch people in the deepest way. Your fathers and grandfathers were the geniuses who knew the value of preserving your family’s history. We just add music and make them more accessible. It’s a noble calling. Carpel Video is proud to make people cry.

Our History

Once upon a time, a bored and occupationally unsatisfied man was teaching Video Production at a small-town college when he had a eureka moment that comes once in a lifetime. After purchasing some blank tape for his students’ assignments, he realized – this could be a service to thousands and thousands of professors! And what’s more, the tapes being bought could be recycled, and good as new! Which he could then sell back to the supplier as well as ANYONE who needed a large amount of video tapes and who might want a lower price.

Who could say no to a lower-priced item that’s good for the environment?

So that small-town professor did an experiment in his basement. He bought a bulk amount of video tape and got all the supplies needed to see if he could make them reusable. Would they still be of great quality? Was this something that could be done by human hands? And would he have the time to do it himself? 

The answer to that last question was, unfortunately no. However as luck would have it, his daughters needed a teenage babysitter every so often, and babysitters usually need a little extra money. So he offered those lovely young men and women extra incentive. Watch the girls, peel the tapes and clean them….which they did. 

Lo and behold, the tapes were perfect. He cut a deal for that first batch and never looked back. 

That was over 35 years ago. (One of those daughters is currently writing this tale for you, reader friends.)

Andy Carpel started Carpel Video in 1985 and has been providing film & tape transfers, currently to DVD, for over 35. years in our Frederick office. We have sister companies who are capable of transferring obsolete tape and film formats.

With time and technology change, so did our services. DVD and CD duplication has tremendously grown our business over the years. Carpel provides duplication, labeling, printed materials, packaging, assembling, and fulfillment, if needed. No job is too small, or too large!

Carpel is known nationally as a pioneer in the marketing of blank recycled video tapes.