Film/Tape to DVD Transfers

Any format of film or tape can be converted into DVD.  We make copies, too.

Carpel Video is your one stop for …


Transferring films, slides, photos and VHS to digital are all in a days work at Carpel Video.  We have been transferring film to DVD for 15 years. Many customers want their content transferred to DVD’s, enabling them to download movies to their computer, flash drive, Face Book or You Tube. Transferring precious video to a DVD will save it for the next generation. In the 21st century there are many choices of where to put your home movies. Experienced computer wonks choose the cloud, which is essentially a private computer hard drive on a server managed by a third party, often for free. The drawback is that there nothing tangible to put in the closet photo box .To share videos it’s You Tube and photos on Face Book have become the places to show off. We also provide super 8 to digital conversion services so you can keep your memories safe and have them available to upload anywhere.

The point is Carpel Video is enabling people to store and view their personal films, photos, slides and videos easily, without hassle or big cost. We’ll transfer and manage as much or as little as you want. Call us for an estimate. Transferring tape to DVD costs as little as $10. per hour of  video Now there is no excuse to put off saving your family’s history to digital or DVD.


Say you want to make a few copies of some important event.  The Internet is full of  places that want to make thousands of copies. But, you have to send it away. What if you don’t want thousands of copies? What if you only need ten or less, but still want a fair price?  Carpel Video’s DVD duplication services will do those small amounts. Just call or email us for a quote. Don’t mis-understand; we can do a great job with the hundreds or thousands of DVD or CD copies, too. But we know the small jobs lead to the large jobs. When you gain people’s trust, they follow you to the ends of the earth. That’s what we want…your trust.

You can forget about the ends of the earth. Say, where is that anyway?


For forty years we have been the “go to” guys for blank videotapes and now discs (CD’s and DVD’s).  We still are. Of course today tapes are used by far fewer professionals. Consequently videotapes are harder to get. But Carpel is still in touch with the handful of suppliers left, and has the inside connections that continue to give us great deals on the most obscure formats of blank tape.

It’s much the same story with discs. Carpel has lasting relationships with disc suppliers for close-outs, and the best deals on preferred brands. While much less expensive than videotapes, discs are a much more complicated purchase. There are decisions to make about brand, labels and packaging. Our professionals ask the right questions so you end up with exactly what you need.  Call or email us with your questions.


There is an “urban myth” that says shooting and editing video is easy. “I’ll have my 14 year old nephew do it.”  And we admit there are many situations where it’s reasonable to take a chance and let a non-pro handle your video. But if it’s important, don’t chance it. Our video production services editor is awash with customers that need their video fixed, enhanced, shortened lengthened, lightened, darkened, sound tracked…anything you can imagine! If it’s important, have it done by professionals, like us. Our average charge is $100. per hour to shoot or edit. We utilize HD video; professional sound recording equipment, external lighting and most importantly, a professional experienced tech that has years of experience. Just as in your job, experience counts. Call or email us at Carpel Video, Inc.